Commitment to Quality

Business Excellence is at the heart of everything that we do at DCS. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations on a daily basis. Our commitment to business excellence is a hallmark of our culture. We continually strive to provide quality solutions and honest dealings to our customers, and we seek to give our employee-owners the tools they need to manage our company with efficiency, while allowing for the flexibility to meet our customers’ requirements.

Our DCS Executive Team

Each DCS corporate officer contributes significant industry experience to inform and guide the corporation in strategic initiatives and daily operations. Individual engineering, technical, military and business talents and expertise combine to form a comprehensive management team that embodies the culture and values of DCS. This ultimately contributes to our customers’ success.

Chief Executive Officer

James Benbow


President and Chief Operating Officer

Larry Egbert


Executive Vice President, Treasurer, & Chief Financial Officer

Tim Phelps


Executive Vice President, Secretary, General Counsel, & Chief Ethics Officer

Curtis Schehr


Executive Vice President & Sector Manager, Air-Sea Forces Support

Lance Alsheimer


Executive Vice President & Sector Manager, Navy Weapons Systems Production & Deployment

Charles Faris


Executive Vice President & Sector Manager, Army and Marine Corps

William Protzman


Vice President, Human Resources

Jack Jackson


Chief Growth Officer

Raul Sagun


Our corporate officers set an example for other employee-owners by never compromising on integrity—they consistently strive to make the best decisions possible for our customers, our employees, and our company. They actively support the development and empowerment of our employee-owners.

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