Rapid Prototyping

DCS has several facilities across the US that support engineering, light manufacturing, software development, system integration, and experimentation in support of the DHS, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and Army. Our facilities offer a range of equipment to support production of precision sheet metal, weldment configurations, stock preparation and secondary operations, quality control inspections, vibration testing, and more.

DCS has been an integral part of the Automated Ground Resupply (AGR) and Expedient Leader Follower (ExLF) Science & Technology programs to develop, integrate, test, and evaluate unmanned autonomy capability. The concept uses autonomy to produce self-driving convoys, where only the lead vehicle needs to chart the course for everyone following. The lead vehicle can be driven remotely, dropping waypoints for the follower vehicles (i.e. breadcrumbs). DCS developed the Warfighter-Machine interface, controllers, and integrated the system into a palletized loader fleet of vehicles for testing.

DCS conducted experimentation and testing in the Vehicle Integration for C4ISR/electronic warfare Interoperability (VICTORY) and Vehicle Electronics and Architecture (VEA) Research System Integration Labs (SILs), which encompassed engineering and operational evaluations, collection and analysis of performance data, human interface data, network performance data, and system performance data of VICTORY components being evaluated for functional compliance to the VICTORY interface standard.

In response to anthrax letter mailings, the DHS initiated a program to place bio-detection equipment nationwide. In the years since those devices were deployed, technology has improved and detectors/triggers are more advanced. DCS was tasked to develop “shelters” to house various triggers so their performance could be measured against each other at the same location, under the same environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, pressure, et) so DHS could compare performance of various detectors. DCS developed and delivered the first shelter in only 83 days. This included all the design (electrical, mechanical, systems), integration, and installation of equipment necessary to monitor detector performance remotely.


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