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DCS is an innovator in user-centered development of mission planning systems for the US Air Force and Navy aviation and weapon systems. DCS has been at the forefront of industry in transitioning to Agile methodologies, Windows service and micro-service architectures, and continuous integration / continuous deployment. Our intuitive, efficient systems provide a robust toolset for our users while maintaining safety and cybersecurity requirements.

An early adopter of Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) in the mission planning enterprise, DCS performs Agile development and maintenance of multiple U.S. and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) products, rapid prototyping and rapid fielding. DCS forms integrated teams with the Government, to rapidly respond to the evolving operational environment.
Specifically, DCS supports the Mobility Air Forces (MAF) who provides Mission Planning Software development, integration, and sustainment for special mission Air Combat Command platforms, FMS Mobility platforms, and the development and integration of Air Mobility Command’s (AMC) Global Mobility (GM) platforms. In its current form, the 28-FTE Agile Global Mobility workforce actions prioritized U.S. and FMS backlogs for separate Agile Release Trains, guided by DCS Product Owners, Scrum Masters and our own SAFe 4.6 Program Consultant. DCS developed the initial and now succeeding GM unique planning components and Mission Planning Environments (MPE) providing specialty planning tools to meet unique AMC operational requirements. The goal for the GM MPE is to meet or exceed the legacy AMC mission planning capability provided by the portable flight planning software, the tanker airlift special mission aircraft/weapons/electronics and the consolidated airdrop tool.
Further, DCS also supports the Joint Warning and Reporting Network (JWARN) program of record. JWARN is a joint program that integrates CBRN data and facilitates sensor information into service Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems and platforms located in command and control (C2) centers. DCS, as the prime, applies SAFe practices to maintain and enhance the JWARN software deployed to all US military services.

DCS uses a secure DevOps methodology to ensure all software releases are thoroughly tested prior to delivery. Our continuous integration process verifies all developer code updates prior to incorporating them into the next software build. DCS employs automated test tools to perform full and regression test of integrated systems. Our processes require at least 75% of mission critical code be covered by automated tests.

We have just integrated HP Fortify with our CI process in one project, and SonarQube in another, which provide detailed static code analysis in-house when the software is built. In addition, results from iterative Government-performed HP Fortify scans of our software are regularly evaluated and findings addressed as part of our contractual cybersecurity requirements.

Mission planning systems developed by DCS extensively validate and analyze data inputs to provide users with timely feedback to reduce errors and ensure successful aircraft data loads. DCS takes mission planning routes created using Digital Aeronautical Flight Information File (DAFIF) and analyzes that data against the different aircraft on board navigation databases to make sure all route points will be included. DCS is currently designated as the Navy’s Communications, Navigation and Surveillance / Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) Required Navigation Performance (RNP) Area Navigation (RNAV) RTCA DO-200A “Aeronautical Processing Standards” quality representative where we established and implemented the Navy’s DAFIF and ARINC-424 (Jeppesen/FAA) instrument procedure validation and verification process to improve the quality/safety of digital data for GPS RNAV procedures in the DAFIF, Jeppesen, and the FAA’s Coded Instrument Flight Procedures formerly the National Flight Database.

DCS is a recognized leader in the Naval Weaponeering domain, currently performing on the WASP MPEC II DO. WASP is the primary mission planning application for F/A-18 Interdiction and other missions involving air-to-surface weapons employment. DCS performed over 75% of the development for WASP and precursor products since program inception in 1989 and 100% of the development since June 2007. WASP is the NAVAIR Airworthiness Office (AIR 4.0P) authorized permanent flight clearance system validating authorized stores and configurations, limits, authorized release parameters, and other safety restrictions for the F/A-18 aircraft.

DCS has been recognized by our customers for our user-centered development approach, which includes frequent user evaluation events where DCS subject matter experts and engineers travel to user locations and provide product demonstrations, training and the opportunity for user “hands on” evaluation of in-development systems.

DCS used in-house aircraft SME’s to assist Agile software development teams understand/analyze government requirements, interact with the government test Integrated Product Team (IPT), interface with the end-user, then test software on end-user hardware to ensure performance in the operational environment. Active duty and National Guard mission crews were hesitant and skeptical in the first Air Force KC 46A Pegasus mission planning system software user evaluation, but they were quickly won over when they saw DCS take their recommendations and make changes in real-time during user evaluations or in next iteration of the sprint. At the end of the 18-month development project, the Air Force program office, Test IPT and end-users were so pleased with the outcome, the Air Force changed the KC-46A’s test plan to use DCS’s mission planning product in the aircraft’s Initial Operational Test and Evaluation (IOT&E).

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