To provide highly-capable, low-risk, proven mission systems, DCS and Millennium Corporation partner to support U.S. Army sensors and night vision work

Under their joint venture (DMJV), DCS and Millennium Corporation, announced today it received three competitively awarded task orders to support U.S. Army sensors and night vision work. Work on the task orders will be performed under the Warrior Enabling Broad Sensors (WEBS) contract and is valued at approximately $21 million.

The joint venture will support the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Research, Development & Engineering Center (CERDEC) and Night Vision Electronic Sensors Directorate (NVESD) as well as the U.S. Army Project Manager Terrestrial Sensors (PM TS). DCS will work to provide PM TS with advisory and assistance services for tactical terrestrial sensors programs of record and quick reaction capabilities. DMJV will provide support including business management, cost estimation, technical management, systems engineering, test and evaluation, systems development, software engineering, project management, logistics management, and acquisition documentation.

Work also includes support to NVESD Ground Degraded Visual Environment (gDVE) for development and image processing enhancements. For this effort, DMJV and its subcontractors will develop low sensitivity/low integration time uncooled IR (UCIR) cameras with switchable spectral filter capability optimized for the Degraded Visual Environment (DVE).

In collaboration with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), support to the NVESD includes development of a heads-up tactical visualization capability to augment mounted and dismounted Warfighters vision. DMJV and its subcontractors will participate in concept design, development, testing and demonstration of a heads-up capability for situational awareness.

DCS is a strong advocate of designing and building “tomorrow’s DoD capabilities within today’s budget.” In this regard, DCS will continue to form strategic partnerships with other industry members to lead successful teams to continue to provide highly-capable, low-risk, proven mission systems.

For more information about the work we do for the U.S. Army, visit us below.

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