DCS President and COO Bill Protzman

DCS Corporation is pleased to announce the promotion of Bill Protzman to President and Chief Operating Officer (COO), effective January 1, 2024.

In this new role, Bill will oversee the execution of customer initiatives and sustain a robust operating organization. Other key duties include financial management, making profit-oriented bid decisions, and driving strategic growth through sector and department targets. Bill will also support business development and annual budgeting. He will chair the Quality Council, emphasizing compliance and process improvement.

Since joining DCS as a software engineer in 1993, Bill has held every successive management position in the company rising from Branch Manager to Department and ultimately Division Manager. In December 2014, he was promoted to Executive Vice President to head the Army and Marine Corps Sector. During his tenure, Bill has been instrumental in expanding DCS’s Army business portfolio. This included securing five successive recompetes for the flagship DEVCOM Ground Vehicle Systems Center (GVSC) Technical Engineering Services contract, as well as expansion into areas such as GVSC Ground Vehicle Simulation Laboratory, GVSC Ground Vehicle Survivability and Protection, TACOM PEO GCS Ops Support, PM PNT, PM Soldier Survivability, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, DEVCOM Chemical Biological Center, and the DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory Human Research Engineering Directorate.

“As Bill moves into this critical role, he assumes expanded responsibility for DCS’s financial objectives and strategic direction,” said Jim Benbow, DCS CEO. “Bill skillfully led our Army and Marine Corps Sector through a prolonged period of expansion and growth. I am confident that our culture of employee empowerment and unyielding dedication to customer success will continue to thrive under Bill’s direction.”

Bill replaces outgoing COO Larry Egbert who stepped down from the role after 10 years with DCS.


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