Under SEMATS 3, DCS will provide support to the AFTC 96th Test Wing AFSEO at Eglin AFB.

DCS Corporation announced the award of the SEEK EAGLE Modeling, Analysis and Tools Support 3 (SEMATS 3) contract, valued at $93.3 million. Under this 5-year, single-award contract, DCS will provide support to the Air Force Test Center’s (AFTC) 96th Test Wing, AF SEEK EAGLE Office (AFSEO) at Eglin Air Force Base.

The SEEK EAGLE program was created as the Air Force standard for aircraft stores certification. The mission of the AFSEO is to deliver war-winning capability by expanding compatibility of state-of-the-art weapons on current and future generation aircraft, and by providing accurate combat weapon delivery software. This includes providing the manpower and engineering tools, data, rationale, and mission planning software applications necessary to safely load, carry, and employ legacy and developmental stores (such as weapons, tanks, pods). While the AFSEO principal focus falls on fleet aircraft with externally carried weapon systems, newer aircraft include an expanded capability to carry weapon systems both internally and externally, and include unmanned and “smart” technologies. To understand the overall effects on aircraft performance and weapon employment characteristics, extensive modeling and simulation, test and analyses (both ground and flight), are required to assure safety-of-flight for the aircrew.


“DCS is proud to continue our work with the Air Force Test Center to help advance modeling and analysis capabilities,” said Jim Benbow, DCS CEO. “We are committed to upholding and advancing AFSEO’s mission of expanding compatibility of state-of-the-art weapons and providing accurate combat weapon delivery software.”


SEMATS 3 represents DCS’s first award with AFSEO and will expand its customer footprint at Eglin AFB. DCS and its subcontractors will provide project planning, engineering and analysis for compatibility aircraft stores, management of technical data libraries, and support for new weapon, aircraft, and mission planning, with special emphasis on safe escape and ballistics.


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