ALEXANDRIA, VA – March 20, 2015 – DCS has been selected as one of nine defense companies to develop and maintain military software for the U.S. Navy battle-management systems under terms of separate contracts.

The nine companies selected will compete for individual task orders totaling as much as $99 million over the next five years that involve software development, test and evaluation, maintenance, integration, training, and fielding of Strike Planning and Execution Systems.

The nine companies selected by the U.S. Navy:

DCS in Alexandria, VA

BAE Systems Information Solutions Inc. in San Diego, CA

Dynetics Inc. in Huntsville, AL

Progeny Systems Corp in Manasses, VA

Raytheon, Co. intelligence, Information Systems in Herndon, VA

Tapestry Solutions Inc. (a Boeing Co.) in San Diego, CA

Northrop Grumman Corp in Reston, VA

QintiQ North American Inc. in Reston, VA

Lockheed Martin Corp Information Systems and Global Solutions in King of Prussia, PA