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AFSIM Custom Consulting

    • DCS can develop new model capabilities, data rich displays, and adaptable interfaces to meet your organization’s modeling and simulation requirements.
    • DCS produces a broad range of scenarios derived from intelligence sourced data that incorporate representations of present-day and future cutting-edge concepts. These concepts are portrayed with a wide array of behaviors, responses, and orders of battle, to help fulfill your organization’s AFSIM modeling requirements for the evolving battlefield.
    • DCS can create custom AFSIM applications to meet a variety of growing requirements. Examples of products produced by DCS include Warlock and Mover Creator. Warlock provides an interactive game-like experience for AFSIM, and the P6DOF Mover Creator is used to expedite and simplify the creation of high fidelity models for existing and future aircraft.
    • DCS will meet your organization’s needs for military utility and effectiveness analysis through the use of a variety of techniques. DCS uses design of experiments methodologies in conjunction with AFSIM’s flexible script based input and user defined output to examine vast trade spaces across a myriad of existing and emerging equipment, concepts, actions, and settings.

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