DAYTON, Ohio, April 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Infoscitex (IST) recently hosted the AFRL/RQQD Expeditionary Cyber Wargame Event at its facilities in Dayton, Ohio.  This training workshop and cyber wargame was derived from a similar event held in October at the Military Operations Research Society’s Special Meeting on CyberSpace Wargaming and Analytics in Arlington, Virginia.  Mr. Vince Raska (AFRL) and a cadre of IST game instructors taught and orchestrated four different wargames to 36 attendees from DoD/DHS Cyber and Intelligence Communities.  This event was so successful that Mr. Raska, MDCP Scrum-Warlock lead, asked to repeat the cyber portion at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

The planning team for the event included personnel from AFRL (Sponsor and Event Lead), IST (Event Host). Planning was led by IST Research Coordinator/Liaison Mike Garrambone and MSG Ty Long, author of the CyberWar 2025 game and developer from the National Assessment Group (Kirtland Air Force Base).

The CyberWar 2025 wargame pits six teams against one another within the cyberspace domain.  Each team defines a strategy and then conducts cyber operations to attack, defend or exploit its intended regions of interest.  Great game flow requires experienced Game Directors at each table to assist in play, counsel players on cyber operations, and answer questions.  Sharp and knowledgeable Game Directors—consisting of IST engineers, scientists, analysts, and human performance experts—were key to successful game play.

All 30 participants enjoyed the workshop and learned a great deal about cyber operations from the games. Cyber Operations are inherent in AFRL’s multi-domain simulation studies and are being incorporated within MS&A within all of our DoD/DHS activities.

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