dcs2Washington, DC—At its Annual Conference here on May 18, The ESOP Association announced that Karla Langhus of DCS Corporation in Alexandria, VA, has won the award for Employee Owner the Year.

“The numerous roles Karla has played to grow the ownership culture at DCS is without parallel. For example, she has been the prime mover behind seven DCS entries into the Annual Award for Communications Excellence, or AACE contest,” said J. Michael Keeling, President of The ESOP Association.

Karla joined DCS’s Corporate Communications Committee seven years ago, and quickly became the chair—a role she still holds today. Under Karla’s leadership, the committee has amassed a slew of admirable accomplishments.

Drawing on her IT background, Karla set up an online workspace that helped far-flung members of the communications committee share ideas and collaborate. Karla also developed the first Annual Communication Plan for the committee. The plan provides a structure for running the committee, and has been instrumental in justifying the committee’s activity expenses. Today, the committee has an established budget, enabling it to provide consistent, quality activities to employee owners.

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