ALEXANDRIA, Va., March 6, 2019 – DCS Corporation has been awarded a 5-year, $50.2M prime contract to provide technical development of the Joint Warning and Reporting Network (JWARN) program for the Joint Program Manager Information Systems (JPM IS) in San Diego, Calif. DCS will provide software development, research and development, integration, testing, post deployment software support, and sustainment support for JWARN.  JWARN is an accredited Department of Defense software system that provides a standardized Warning and Reporting capability for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) and Toxic Industrial Materials incidents.

DCS has been supporting the JWARN Program since 2003, providing CBRN Messaging support as a subcontractor.  With this new award and expanded role, DCS will establish an office in Orlando, Fla. and increase its footprint in San Diego, Calif.

“This is an important win for DCS,” commented Bill Ginley, Chemical Biological Defense Department Lead.  JWARN is used to support crisis action and deliberate planning, as well as steady state planning to mitigate the impact of Weapons of Mass Destruction or TIM releases. By providing shared situational awareness and understanding of the location of identified CBRN hazards in the battlespace, JWARN provides DoD components and Joint headquarter elements with a decision support tool to support force protection activities and decision making.

The JWARN software interfaces with the Joint Effects Model (JEM) to provide high fidelity hazard predictions to users. JWARN provides JEM with information needed by JEM to produce detailed hazard predictions. JWARN disseminates those predictions to affected personnel as described in NATO Allied Technical Publication 45 (ATP-45(E)) and will uses them to assist in preparation of vulnerability assessments and analysis.

Once CBRN sensors/detectors have been connected to tactical networks, JWARN will receive information that will enhance the Integrated Early Warning (IEW) capability of the operational environment. JWARN will facilitate sensor/detector information exchange via interface standards. JWARN will transfer data automatically to and from CBRN sensors and will provide commanders with analyzed data to support operational decision-making in a CBRN environment.

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